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The 1959 Livingstonian is a pictorial accovint of the life and 
activities of Livingstone College during the academic year of 1958- 
59. The yearbook is designed by the Yearbook Staff of 1959 to be 
a brief reminder of some of the memorable moments spent during 
our sojourn within these hallowed halls. It would be impossible to 
catch more than a glimpse of the wonderful experiences enjoyed at 
Livingstone College for many of our experiences have left such an 
indelible mark on our lives that they cannot be separately illustrated. 

The final trumpet has blown and the vicissitudes of our journey 
are now a part of the inimitable past. However, we hope that in 
some way our class history and our spirit of oneness will serve to 
inspire and lift those who are to come this way. It is our hope that 
this yearbook will illustrate the ideals and philosophy of the fonder 
and those charged with the perpetuation of Livingston College. Per- 
haps by leafing through the pages of this book, one can forget the 
cacophony of personal frustrations and strife and hear the all in- 
spiring symphony of faith and hope- faith in and hope for our be- 
loved Livingstone. Inclosing may we leave these few words which 
so adequately express what we would like to say. 

'Tis not the softer things of life 

Which stimulate man's will to strive 

But bleak adversity and strife 

Do most keep man's will alive 

O'er rose-strewn paths the weaklings creep 

But brave hearts dare to climb the steep. 

These words embrace the principles held dear by the class of 
1959. We hope that this verse will also act as an inspiring force 
to all who may read this annual. 

Bernard E. Anderson 

IljI I 



Dr. Trent 

I love vast libraries; yet there is doubt 
If one be better with them or without 

Unless he uses them wisely, and indeed, 
Knows the high art of what and how to read 

At learning's fountain it is sweet to drink 
But 'tis nobler privilege to think. 

And oft, from books apart, the thirsting mind 
May make the nectar which it cannot find. 

Tis well to borrow from the good and great 
Tis wise to learn; tis godlike to create 

J. G. Saxe 

We, the class of 1959, with love that cannot % 
iVv. be excelled, humility that cannot be described 
and with utmost in gratitude, dedicate this 1959 
^' UVINGSTONIAN to our beloved parents. They 
have, through the years, shared our responsi-, 
Jm-. bilities, our hopes, our desires, kept us believing V;?, 
^0")- that all things are possible, listened and under- ' 

stood when on one else could, and made us calm f 
v(r when seas of confusion were raging. Because of 

their sincerity, their faith, their love, we are the ;^ 
senior class of 1959. Therefore, with apprecia- ; ' 
;,; tion that reaches out and grasps every beloved, 
parent, the class of '59 dedicates this annual. ;U 

Jh Memoriam 


"Sunset and evening star 
And one clear call for me. 
May there be no mourning at the bar, 
When I put out to sea." 

Gwendolyn Patricia Shuler died on August 22, 1956, at 21 years of age. The death of 
this wonderful person and classmate is still a shock to the Senior Class. Miss Shuler 
was extraordinary in many ways and will be remembered. A great person has gone 
from us, and together we mourn her passing, consoling ourselves with this thought: 
"Quem didiliguntadolescensmoritus," which means, He whom the gods love dies while 
a youth. 

"Weep no more woeful classmates. 
Weep no more. 
Patricia is not dead. 

Passed though she be forever from our door. 
Out in the world by some powerful hand led, 
She could not stay the years of study through 
But passed, to find fresh fields and pastures new." 

Class of '59 



The history of the class of 1959 is so dramatic and colorful that it resem- 
bles a play- one of those modern plays that so skiLLfully disregard all the rules 
of the drama. With your kind permission, I, as dramatic critic of the LIVING- 
STONIAN, shall review the play called "The Class of 1959" in an absolutely 
non-prejudiced manner. 

Thisisaplay in four acts with three all too brief intermissions. Through- 
out the action, there is very incidental music by the college choral union. The 
play was written by the actors as they played their parts, under the direction 
of President Emeritus W. J.Trent, Acting President John H. Brockett, Presi- 
dent S. E. Duncan, and a Board of Trustees with the cooperation of loyal sup- 
porters of the A.M.E. Zion Churches throughout the United States and abroad. 
It is given by an all star cast. 

This play belongs to no particular classification, being, at various stages- 
no pun intended- comedy and tragedy and sometimes a review- spelled any way 
you please . 

The scenes all take place in Price Administration Building, Goler Hall, the 
Ubrary, Dodge Hall, Harris Hall, Ballard Hall, and the W. J. Trent Gymnasium. 
The stage settings are plain, showing signs of much use. 

Act 1 shows the arrival of the class as they enter the gates and feel the 
unusual tranquility beneath the maples and oaks. Their timidity and curious 
mistakes furnish some moments of bright comedy. There is rapidly rising 
action and the villian gradually puts in an appearance. He is called Study and 
is of alarming size and proportions. It is evident that he will interfere with 
the enjoyment and leisure of the actors, now known as Freshmen. 

At the close of the act, tragedy seems imminent because there is a des- 
perate affair- a mental crisis created by Study's brother, the villian, Exami- 
nations. But the Freshmen, with one last spurt of their tired brains, win. 
Somberness does not predominate in this act; there are athletic and social ac- 
tivities. The actors come back to the stage for curtain call; and from them, 
the audience discovers the following facts concerning the progress of the Fresh- 
men: Peggy Byers was elected by the football team as an attendant to Miss 
Homecoming; Marshall Lofton, AcoUa Moore, and Bernard Anderson were a- 
mong the top ten ranldng students; Daisy Bowman and Nancy McNeil distin- 
guished themselves in dramatics by participating in "Deep Are the Roots"; 
Louis Martin, Fred Smith, Edmund Hasty, and William King have made a good 
showing on the football team; Louis Martin, Charles McDwain, and William 
King have received letters for their splendid performances on the "hardwood"; 
honorable mention to the E.I.A.C. was also given to Louis Martin. 

And now the president of this illustrious class, William Durant, pulls the 
curtain on the rejoicing Freshmen who are nevertheless not whoUy free from 
afeeling that though this encounter with Study has been safely passed, the worst 
is yet to come. The actors are pleasing, but decidedly, amateurish. 

After an intermission of twelve weeks, during which the actors go away on 
vacations or stay at home and help with the work, the play is resumed. 

Act II shows the same people in the same place, but they are now known as 
Sophomores, owing to an advance in rank. A touch of pathos is found in the 
absence of several of the cast who were so disabled in the encounter with 
study's ally. Examinations, that they were unable to appear in the second act. 

There are pleasant divertissements in the shape of dances, concerts, and 
banquets. In this act, members of the cast seem to have achieved a charm, an 
ease of manner, and a feeling of security that were noticeably lacldng in Act I. 
Incipient love affairs are noticed, and the costumes are much more elaborate, 
as is also the make-up used. 

Yet the mention of Study, like the word "soul" of "Siberia", in a Russian 
drama, casts a gloom over brightness. More time is spent than before in pre- 
paration is more systematic. There also seems to be more mental activity in 
the protagonists. 

As the curtains close on the Sophomores, we find that the following mem- 
bers of the cast have distinguished themselves: Cyphese Ramseur has been 
selectedasthe Sweetheart of the Lampados Club, Joelyn Sinton has earned the 
title of "Miss Livingstone" and the Sweetheart of Alpha Phi Alpha Faternity; 
and in dramatics, Acolia Moore, Mary Jordan, Nancy McNeil, Daisy Bowman, 
and Novella Legrand have taken part in "A Man Called Peter". In the sports, 
we find that Carlotta Arthur, Gladys Torrence, Martha Bacote, and Thelma 
Burris were successful in making the girls' basketbaU team; James Holmes, 
Nelson Pharr, John Mayfield and Roger Kirk have become members of the foot- 
ball team. The Most Valuable Player and Sidney Greene Awards have been won 
by Roger Kirk; the E.I.A.C. Honors went to Roger Kirk, Louis Martin, and Ed- 
mund Hasty. 

Another intermission, and we stagger in to Act HI. Again the same people 
in the same place- which may make the play sound monotonous to you, but 1 
assure you it is not. The actors are so changed that each act seems like an 
entirley new play. They are called Juniors. Their positions and their pride 
both advanced, but there remains the haunting dread of Study, the villian. 

The director allows the actors much more freedom than they have pre- 
viously enjoyed. Many improve their performance because of this, but a few 
come to grief, and their poor performance detracts much from the possibili- 
ties of the play. There are many delightful interludes to make this a cheer- 
ful act. 

But with the added maturity of the players, there comes more strenuous 
preparation for encounters with the villain, who lurks ever in the background 
ready to invite a contest at the most inopportune and unexpected moments. 

By this time, some of the actors, all of whom entered the cast on a footing 
of equality, have come more prominently into the spotlight, and their parts are 
assuming almost stellar proportions in the following manner: Henry Moses has 
been selected by his classmates as their president for the second consecutive 
year; Mary Burwell has been sleected as the Sweetheart of Omega Psi Phi 

Fraternity; Gloria Credle has been selected as the Sweetheart of Phi Beta 
Sigma Fraternity; Acolia Moore, Nancy McNeil, Mary Jordan, Novella Legrand, 
Marshall Lofton have taken part in "The Night of January 16". Henry Moses, 
Barbara McClain, John Mayfield, Cynthia Martin, Edward Thompson, Leon 
Gilmore have been initiated into Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society for Natural 
Scientists; Daisy Bowman, Membra Bethea, Marshall Lofton, Mary Jordan, 
Acolia Moore, Bernard Anderson, Shirley Smith, Fred Young, and William Du- 
rant have been initiated into Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society for Social Science 
Majors; Marshall Lofton and Henry Moses have been selected as the Chief 
Marshals for Commencement, along with other Marshals who are Daisy Bow- 
man, DelGratia Moreland, Mary Jordan, Shirley Smith, Willie Worthy, and 
William Durant. 

Other unexpected things are happening. Many who came on in the first 
act with enthusiasm and high hopes have wearied of the struggle and left the 
cast in search of positions offering speedy remuneration and less brain fatigue. 
We miss them, but realize that they maybe entirelyjustified in their withdrawal. 

Before the curtain falls, there is the dreaded but certain conflict. Study's 
emissary, Examinations, is defeated again, but this time more drastically than 
ever before, perhaps because those who fell by the way before were less vigor- 
ous fighter sand probably because the survivors profited by their sad fate. As 
the final climax of Act III, the actors give their most elaborate social affair- 
The Fantastic Junior-Senior Prom. 

Again an intermission of twelve weeks, which both actors and audience 
greatly enjoy, perhaps because they realize that there is but one more act to 

Act IV arrives at last and is warmly received. By this time, the actors 
are so matured, so at ease, so changed for the better that they are difficult to 
recognize. We seem to view with rose-colored spectacles the scene that so 
soon will vanish. It looks impossibly attractive. 

We have grown honestly fond of all the cast, some of whom we regarded 
with anything but favor as the curtain rose on the first act of this queer play. 
Even that arch-villain, Study seems less formidable. Would not it be curious 
if we grew to like him ? The actors are certainly on much more familiar terms 
with him now than they have been before. 

The action is more rapid and more complicated than in the preceding acts. 
There is more comedy than before and there are some delightful interpolations. 

The actors who showed promise of being stars in the preceding act have ful- 
filled that promise and shine brightly. They are as foUows: Joelyn Sinton has 
been chosen by the football team as Miss Homecoming; Carlotta Arthur has 
earned the title of Miss Livingstone; Rosetta Robinson has earned the title of 
Miss UNCF; Madelyn Barnhill has been selected as the Sweetheart of Omega 
Psi Phi Fraternity; Louise Rice has been selected as the Sweetheart of Phi 
Beta Sigma Fraternity; Louis Martin has been chosen as Co-Captain of the 
football team and he has also been chosen as the Most Valuable Player; E.I. A. 
C. Honors have been awarded to Edmund Hasty, Fred Smith, and Charles Mc- 
Ilwain. In basketball Nollie Davis has been selected as the captain and E.I. A. 
C. Honors have been awarded to Roger Kirk; Henry Moses has been awarded 
the College Scholarship Award for the second consecutive year; the following 
have made "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities": Marshall Lof- 
ton, Acolia Moore, Barbara McClain, Henry Moses and Bernard Anderson. The 
entire production attains a smoothness and a finish that are pleasing. In spite 
of all the gaiety, grim preparation is going on to the end that those who are new 
stars may remain so and that others may continue in the cast. Many hearts are 
weak with anxiety. Astheactnears its close, faces and brows drawn with worry 
are noticeable for this is the final struggle. Victory means freedom from the 
dreaded enemy, Study, and his ally, Examinations. 

At last the fatal hour arrives; Final Examination raises his sinster head. 
The seniors meet the attack courageously and well organized. As a result of 
concentration and hard work, the Class emerges victoriously. 

And then there is the symbolic touch without which no play is complete; 
there is the ironic twist of the new school of dramatists. Study, met face to 
face, is found to be a friend and not the enemy it was thought to be. It is now 
accepted as a valuable ally to possess throughout Ufe. The strenuous prepara- 
tion for battle was a blessing in disguise, and everyone is happy. 

And now as the curtain slowly comes together on the fourth act of the play, 
the entire cast, with our diligent preisdent, George Tharrington, and our advisor. 
Miss Charlotte L. Chatman, pause on the threshhold of life with a burst of pride 
and glory because we have reached a milestone on the path that leads to the 
margin of excellence. 

Mary Elizabeth Jordan, Class Historian 

Edgar N. French, A.B., P.D., 
College Minister 

Ollie Burnside, 

Julia B. Duncan, A.B., 

Emily H. Harper, B.S., 
Secretary to Treasurer 

Hattie N. Flack, 
Dean of Women 

Helen Smith, Certificate, 
Secretary to Registrar 

Marion E. Gunn, A.B., 
Secretary to President 

Nina R. Dacons, 
Assistant Matron 

Lena V. Matthews, B.S., 
Secretary to Dean of Hood 
Theological Seminary 

Marlowe F. Shute, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. 

Lois H. Reeves, R.N., B.S. 
College Nurse 

Alcestis Coleman, 
Director of Boys' Dormitories 

James R. Valencourt, 
B.A., M.A., Ph.D. EngUsh 
Bible and Psychology 

John H. Brockett, 
B.S., M.S., 



Samuel L. Hopkins, 
A.B., M.S., 


Mrya M. Thomas, 
A.B., Mus. B., Mus. M., 

Victoria P. Yates 
A.B., M.A., 


Hodge E. Taylor, 
B.S., M.A., 

Joshua O. Romao, 
B.A., M.A., 

History and Social Science 

Clark S. Coffin, 
A.B., Mus. B., 

Norman Wilson, 
A.B., M.S., 

Levi V. Walker, 


Blanche Jordan, 
B.S., M.A., 

Director of Guidance 

James W. Jewell, 
A.B., M.S., Ph.D., Th.D 

Florence N. Mitchell, 

Physical Education 

Lovett A. Warner, 
A.B., M.A., 
Physical Education 

Elbert L. Harris, 
A.B., A.M., 


Asker B. Hawkins, 
B.S., M.A., 

Physics and Mathematics 

Mary Hopkins, 
B.A., M.A., 


Louise M. Rountree, 
A.B., B.L.S., M.S./L.S. 

Library Science 

Olive Sawyer, 
A.B., M.A., 
Business Education 

Elnora Smith, 
A.B., M.Litt., 


Charlotte Chatman, 

French and German 

Dean of Seminary 
I Brown, Frank R. 

I A.B., S.T.B., M.A., Ed.D. 


Mi^fd Zheological Semmary 'JacuUy 

Little, Harlee H. 
A.B., B.D., M.A. 
Practical Theology 

Yates, Walter L. 
A.B., A.M., B.D. 
Church History 

Selby, Donald L. 
A.B., B.D., PhD. 

New Testament 

Spaulding, A. L. 
A.B., S.T.B., S.T.M. 










Mary Faulkner 
Dora Freeman 
Doris Friday 
Frances Gaitlier 
Fredrick Gaither 
Pauline Gibbs 

Daisy Haire 
Ella Hayes 
Theodis Hayes 
Barbara Hemphill 
Mary Hill 
Joseph Hueghey 

Eddie Isom 
Mildred Keyes 
Samuel Leazer 
James Lenoir 
Agnita Loney 
Jesse Lovell 

Frances McAuthur 
Myrtle McClain 
Marion McCollough 
Cylista McNeely 
Andrew Mackey 
Wilton Martin 

Olean Massey 
Juanita Miller 
James Morrison 
Kenneth Nelson 
Mary Orr 
Josephine Pearson 

Frances Peterson 
Mary Porter 
Louise Pulliam 
Maggie Robinson 
Raymond Robinson 
Melvin Rush 

Patsy Rush 
Idella Russell 
Christine Smith 
Cora Smith 
Preston Smith 
Willie Springs 

Mary Starks 
Margaret Stovall 
Bobby Talbert 
WilUam Taylor 
Samuel Varner 
Geraldine Walker 

Marva White 
Rayfield Whitemire 
Drucilla Wiggins 
Julia Williams 
Robbie Williamson 
Helen Withrow 

Ruby Woodward 
Ronald Wright 




?=* J 

^^^^^^ ^TH^ 


Bell, William 
Bennerman, Juanita 
Berry, Priscilla 
Black, Thelma 
Bond, James 
Borders, James 

Bostic, Barbara 
Bratton, Andrena 
Bridges, Ruby 
Brown, Furney 
Brown, Price 
Bryant, Robert 

Bunch, Leon 
Burton, Samuel 
Campbell, Ellen 
Cohen, Louise 
Cross, Barbara 
Cross, Horace 

Davis, Lilly Ann 
Douglas, Joella 
Dudley, William 
Duncan, Athalene 
Dunham, Edna 
Esters, Vivian 

Everett, LaVerne 
Farrish, Demetris 
Farrow, Norma 
Fields, Stella 
Foggy, Priscilla 
Ford, Gwendolyn 

Fog, Doris 
Friday, Norman 
Gaither, Robert 
Garvin, Huey 
Gibson, Donald 
Gilbert, Jimmy 

Glaze, Alice 
Godfrey, Fannie 
Graham, Lena 
Hairston, Willis 
Hardin, Charles 
Hill, Clarence 

Holmes, James 
Holt, Charles 
Hooks, Carolyn 
Hooks, Shirley 
Houston, Joseph 
Hunt, Kathleen 

Hunt, Mary 
Ingram, Bernice 
Irvis, Howard 
Jackson, LaParrot 
Joe, Ralph 
Johnson, Roscoe 

Jones, Blondie 
Jones, Hermenia 
Jones, Madeline 
Joyce, Vera 
Kearney, Ethlene 
Kennedy, WilUam 

Sarah Leach 
Olivia Lee 
Lavander Lilly 
Shirley Love 
Mary Lovell 
Mary Lytle 

Charlie McCoUum 
Betty McDonald 
Doris McDuffie 
James McLendon 
Jessie McPhail 
Vouncille Maize 

George Maize 
EzeMel Martin 
Brenda Massey 
Rayford Massey 
Sarah Matthews 
George Miller 

Johnnie Mullins 
Pearline Myers 
Portia Nero 
Lulu Norman 
Janice Parks 
Evangeline Paul 

Edna Pearson 
Edward Pearson 
Elizabeth Pearson 
Flossie Peay 
Clifford Phifer 
Delores Rabb 

Henry Reeves 
Ralph Reynolds 
George Richardson 
Ora Robinson 
Charles Robinson 
Charles Rosboro 

Ansel Rosemond 
Sally Rouse 
Betty Rutherford 
Helen Sapp 
DeForest Scott 
Hannah Shaw 

Barbara Shoats 
Marselena Smith 
Louis Souder 
Lloyd Stanford 
Richard Stewart 
Rose Stoner 

Patricia Street 
William Swafford 
Barbarah Thurston 
Lloyd Truesdale 
Roy Washington 
Rosemary White 

Clarence Williams 
Leroy Worth 
Lloyd Yarborough 

Miss MomecomiHg Md Met Court 

Miss Homecoming, Carlotta Arthur 



Price Muild 'mg 


Zo Study, Zc Zh 'mk, Zo Advise 



Prayer Meeting Council 
Sunday School Staff 

''JjS^^ ^^5^« 



• i. 




Sweethearts Of 


Martin, Louis 
Wingback, Capt. E.I.A.C. 



Lavie, Joseph 
Tackle, E.I.A.C. 

Football Team 

Lenoir, James 

Little, Rufus 

Littlejohn, Charles 
Center EJ.A.C. 

Lovell, Jesse 

Massey, Raymond 

Mcllwain, Charles 

Partee, Jethro, in 
End, E.I.A.C. 

Pearson, Edward 

Phifer, Cliford 

Smith, Fred 
Tackle, E.I.A.C. 

Whitmore, Rayfield 

Wright, Ronald 

^1 *^ ^ 

1 w 


Compliments of 


Phone Me 6-4011 
1354 West Innes Street 
Salisbury, North Carolina 

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Phone Me 3-2424 
711 West Horah Street 
Salisbury, North Carolina 

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Electrical Contractors since 1919 

Phone Me 3-4331 
126 North Main Street 
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Me 3-0531 
229 North Main Street 
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Congratulations Seniors 


Taylor Mattresses for Comfort 
over 50 years of Service 

Phone Me 3-4072 
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Phone Me 3-9231 
1500 South Main Street 
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Chinaware and Glassware 
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914 Fulton Street 
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Compliments of 
East Innes Extension 
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Phone Me 3-9061 


ANDERSON, BERNARD EUGENE, B. A., Economic; Student Council, 
2,3; EdItor-in-Chlef of "The Livingstone", 2,3,4; Dean's Ust top ten, 
1,2,3,4; Senior Counselor; Sphinx Club, president, 2, Alpha Phi Alpha 
Fraternity, 2; corresponding secretary, 3, president, 4; Sigma Rho 
Sigma Honorary Society, 3, president, 4; Social Science Club, 1-4; 
Pre-Alumni Club vice-president, 3, member, 4, Choral Union, 1-4; 
Concert Choir, 2,3,4; Class parliamentarian, 2,3,4; Yearbook Staff, 
organization chairman; North Carolina State Student Legislature, 2, 
3,4; Interim Council Member, 3,4; Livingstone College Mock As- 
sembly, 1,2, Speaker of the House, 3,4; Spanish Club, 1,2; Chairman 
Courtesy Committee, 3, member 2,4; Student Representative to the 
Committee on Fraternities and Sororities, 4; Who's Who in Ameri- 
can Colleges and Universities, 3,4. 

1537 North 60th Street 

Philadelphia 31, Pennsylvania 

ARTHUR, CARLOTTA CHEYENNE, B.S., Business Education; YW 
C A, 1, Student Council corresponding secretary; Booster Club, 1-3, 
vice-president, 4; Commercial Club, 1-3, president, 4; Band, 3,4; 
Basketball Team, 1,2; French Club, 1,2; Goler Hall House Council, 
1; Pan-Hellenic, 3, secretary, 4; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, 2,3,4; 
"Miss Livingstone," 4; Livingstone College Mock Assembly corre- 
sponding secretary, 1; Courtesy Committee, 1; Student Leader for 
"Week of Prayer", 3. 
Box 125 

Clifton, South Carolina 

ASBURY, THOMAS ELWOOD, B.S., Mathematics; Class Treasurer, 
2,3,4; YM C A, 1-4, Mathematics Club, 3,4; Dramatics Club, 1,2; 
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 2,3,4; Choral Union, 1; Natural Science 
Club, 3; Pan-Hellenic Council, 4; House Council, 2. 

612 North EngUsh Street 

Monroe, North Carolina 

BARNHILL, MADELYN GLORIA, B. A., Elementary Education; Goler 
Hall House Coiincil president, 4; NEA, 4; Delta Sigma Theta Soror- 
ity, 4. 

816 Fairmont Road 
Lumberton, North Carolina 

816 Fairmont Road 
Lumberton, North Carolina 

816 Fairmont Road 
Lumberton, North Carolina 

BETHEA, MEMBRA EUZABETH, B.A., Sociology; Y W C A, 1; Col- 
lege Choral Union, 1-4; Social Science Club, 2; Goler Hall House 
Council, 2; Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society, 3,4; Julia B. Duncan 
Players, 3; Dean of Pledgees, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 4; Senior 
Counselor, Concert Choir, 3,4; Pre-Alumni Club, 3; Spanish Club, 

414 Green Street 
Laurinburg, North Carolina 

BIDDLE, HATTIE WALKER, B.A., Elementary Education; Reporter 
NEA, 4. 

Post Office Box 403 
Morven, North Carolina 

Post Office Box 283 
Bennettsville, South Carolina 

BRYANT, IVEYGAYNELL, B.S., Mathematics; Class Secretary, 3, 
4; Y M C A, 1-4; Mathematics Club, 3,4; Sphinx Club, president, 2 
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 3,4; NEA, 4; Pre- Alumni Club, 3 
Natural Science Club, 3; House Council, 2. 

2006 Oakwood Avenue 

Lumberton, North CaroUna 

BUIE, GEORGE CHARLES, JR., B.A., History; Pre-Theological 
Union, 1,2,3; Football Team, 1,2,3; Student Council, 1; Editor's 
Assistant of Summer School Bulletin, 1; German Club, 1; Sphinx 
Club, 1,2,3; Choral Union, 1,2,3. 

14239 Lumpkin Street 

Detroit 12, Michigan 

BURRIS, SAM, B.S., Business Administration; Spanish Club, 2,3,4, 
Treasurer, 3,4; Crescent Club, 2; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, 3,4, 
Dean of Pledgees, 4; "L" Club, 3,4; Commercial Club, 1-4; Harris 
Hall House Council Chairman, 4; Football Team, 2,3,4; Basketball 
Team, 2,3,4. 

416 Wilson Street 

Kings Mountain, North Carolina 

BURWELL, MARY ELIZABETH, B.S., Mathematics; Cheerleader, 
1-4; Corresponding Secretary, 4; Varick Christian Endeavor Staff, 
2,3,4; JuUa B. IXmcan Players, 2,3,4; NEA, 4; Attendant to Miss 
Homecoming, 2,3; Hostess for Founder Day, 1,2,3; Pan-Hellenic 
Council, 3; Pre-Alumni Club, 2,3,4; Livingstone Staff, 4; Yearbook 
Staff, 4; YW C A, 1,2; Prayer Meeting Council, 3,4; Church School 
Staff, 1-4; Student Leader for "Week of Prayer," 3; Natural Science 
Club, 2,3,4; WAA, 2,3,4; Student Representative to Social Committee, 
3; Omega Sweetheart, 3; Spanish Club, 1,2; Lycum Usher, 1,2,3; 
Mathematics Club, 1,2,3; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, 2,3,4, Assist- 
ant Dean of Pledgees, 2,4, Dean of Pledgees, 3, Journalist, 4. 

164 Elizabeth Street 

Henderson, North Carolina 

BOWMAN, DAISY LEE, B.A., Sociology; YW C A; Choral Union, 1-4; 
Dramatic Club, 1-3; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 2,3,4; Senior Coun- 
selor; Pan-Hellenic. 

908 South 7th Street 

Wilmington, North Carolina 

CREDLE, GLORIA MARIE, B.S., Business Education; Y W C A, 1-3; 
Spanish Club, 1,2; Sunday School Teacher, 2,3; Commercial Club, 1- 
4; Pan-Hellenic Council, 3; NEA, 4; Phi Beta Sigma Sweetheart, 3; 
Pre-Alumni Club, 3; Week of Prayer CeU Leader, 3,4; Yearbook 
Staff, 4; JuUa B. Duncan Players, 2,3,4; Livingstone Staff, 4; Zeta 
Phi Beta Sorority. 

Post Office Box 116 

James City, North Carolina 

CURETON, BETTYE J., B.A., Sociology; French Club, 2; Social 
Science Club, 2; Y W C A, 1-4; Ivy Leaf Club, secretary, 3; Living- 
stone Staff, reporter, 4; Attendant to Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart, 4; 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 3,4; Senior Counselor; Pre-Alunmi 
Club, 4. 

905 Maurice Street 
Monroe, North Carolina 

DAVIS, NOLLIE, II, B.S., Business Education; Retailing President; 
Commercial Club, 1-4; "L" Club, 4; BasketbaU Team, 1-4. 

209 Broad Street 

East Spencer, North Carolina 

Durante', WILLIAM RUDOLPH,n,A.B., History; Freshman Class 
President; Choral Union, 1; Sphinx Club, president, 2 ; Alpha Phi Alpha 
Fraternity, 2,3,3, president, 4; Senior Counselor; Yearbook Artist, 
'57; Editor-in-Chief of Yearbook, '59; Student Council, 4; SigmaRho 
Sigma Honorary Society, 3,4; North Carolina Student Legislature, 3, 
4; Student Legislature, 3,4;InterimCouncilMember, 4; Social Science 
Club, l-4;Editor-in-Chief of Summer School Bulletin, '57; Pre-Theo- 
logical Union, 1-4; JuUa B. Ehincan Players, 1-4; Harris Hall House 
Council, 4. 

67 Brightwood Avenue 

Torrington, Conn. 

FISHER, LUDIE B., B.S., Business Education; Y W C A, 1,2; NEA, 

chairman of program committee, 4; Commercial Club, 1-4; Pre- 
Alumni Club, 3; Spanish Club, 1,2. 

Route 2, Box 12 

New Bern, North Carolina 


GAITHER, THOMASENA, B.A., Elementary Education; Class Assist- 
ant Secretary, 3; Associate Editor of Yearboolc; WAA, 3, Dramatics 
Club, 3; College Choral Union, 3,4; Concert Choir, 3,4; Pre-Alumni 
Club, secretary, 3; Y W C A; President of NEA, 4. 

Route 7, Box 439 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

GODFREY, GEORGE LOWES, JR., Sociology; Pre-Theological 
Union, 1-4; Social Science Club, 1-4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Julia B. 
Duncan Players, 2,3; Sphinx Club, 2,3,4; Prayer Meeting Council, 1, 
2; Mock Assembly, 1,2; Minister of Bethania A.M.E. Zion Church, 
Winston-Salem District, Western North Carolina Conference. 

159 South Lexington Avenue 

White Plains, New York 

HENDERSON, LELIA MAE, B.S., Business Education; Iva Leaf Club, 
historian, 2; Choral Union, 1-4; Y W C A, 1-4; Commercial Club, 1- 
4; Concert Choir, 3; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 3,4. 

312 Winston Street 

Thomasvllle, North CaroUna 

INGRAM, NEZZIE WILMA, B.S., Mathematics ; Y W C A, 1,2,4; 
Livingstone Staff , typist, 1; Church School Staff, secretary, 1; Prayer 
Meeting Council, 1,2; WAA, secretary, Cheering squad, 1; Pre- 
Alumni Club, 1,2; French and German Club, 1,2; Mathematics Club, 
1; Natural Science Club, 1-4; Pan-Hellenic Council, 1; Delta Sigma 
Theta Sorority, chaplain, 3; Pyramid Club, 1; NEA; Commercial 
Club, 1. 

Route 1, Box 177 
Rockingham, North Carolina 

JOHNSON, TEVERIOUS, B.S. Degree, Biology; Y. W. C. A., 3; Ar- 
chonian Club, Secretary 1,2; French and German Club, 1,2; Natural 
Science Club, 1,2,3,4; Senior Counselor, 4; Student representative to 
Calendar Committee, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council, 3,4; Yearbook Staff, 
4; Church School Staff Secretary, 4; Tennis Team, 3; Prayer Meet- 
ing Council 2,3; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Grammateus, 2,3,4; Pre- 
Alumni Club, Reporter, 3; "L" Club 4; NEA 4; W. A. A. 3,4; Goler 
Hall House Council, Secretary 3; W. A. A., Cheering Squad, 4. 

1824 7th North Avenue 

Columbus, Mississippi 

SMITH, SHIRLEY, B.A. Degree Sociology; Y. W. C. A.; 1; French 
Clubl; Pyramid Club, 2,3,4; Christian Endeavor, 3,4; Social Science 
Club, 3,4; Sigma Rho Sigma Social Science Fraternity, 3,4; Lyceum, 
4; Yearbook Staff, 4. 

Route 2, Box 345A 

Clarkton, North Carolina 

JORDAN, MARY ELIZABETH, B.A., Sociology; Class Officer, As- 
sistant Secretary, 2; Reporter, 4; JuUa B. Duncan Players, 1-3; 
Goler Hall House Council, 3; Y. W. C. A., 1-4; Livingstone Staif, 1- 
4; Student Representative to Guidance Committee, 3,4; Sunday School 
Teacher in Primary Department 1,2,3; Sigma Rho Sigma Honor So- 
ciety, 3,4, Vice-President; Ivy Leaf Club, Reporter, 1; Alpha Kappa 
Alpha Sorority, 2, rVY LEAF Reporter, Anti-Basileus, 3,4; Senior 
Counselor, 4; Yearbook Staff, historian; Mock Assembly, 2,3; Re- 
cording Clerk; Courtesy Committee, 1,2,3. 

124 Granville Street 

Oxford, North Carolina 

KING, WILLIAM, B.S., Biology; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, presi- 
dent of SphinxClub, 2; Julia B.Duncan Players, 1-4; Y M C A; Foot- 
ball Team, 1,2; Basketball Team, 1-4; "L" Club, 1,2,3; Choir, 1. 

Route 1, Box 288 

Hubert, North Carolina 

LEGRAND, NOVELLA, B.A., Elementary Education; Julia B. Dun- 
can Players, 1-4; French and German Club, 2,3; Y W C A, 3,4; 
Prayer Meeting Council, 3,4; WAA, 3,4; NEA, 2,3,4; Ivy Leaf Club, 
2,3; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 4; Pre-Alimmi Club, 3,4. 

Route 1, Box 85 

Mt Gilead, North Carolina 

LEWIS, EULA BELLE, B.S., Business Education; Y W C A, 1,2; 
Pyramid Club, 2,3; Commercial Club, 1-4. 

Brunwick Post Office, Box 48 

Whiteville, North Carolina 

LOFTON, MARSHALL JEAN, B.A., Sociology; Y W C A, president, 
1,2; Class Vice-President, 2; State Student Legislature Representa- 
tive, 2,3,4; Livingstone Staff, 1-4; Student Council, Vice-President, 
corresponding secretary, 4; Dramatics Club, 1; Ivy Leaf Club, presi- 
dent, 2; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Anti-Basileus, 3,4; Sunday 
School Teacher, 1-3; Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society, 3,4; Senior 
Counselor, College top ten, 1-4; Who's Who Representative, 3,4. 

1004 Macon Street 

Kinston, North Carolina 

LOMAX, GRETRUDE LaVERNE, B.S., Business Education; Spanish 
Club, 1,3; Commercial Club, 1-4; Pyramid Club, 1-3; Y W C A, 1,2; 
Choral Union, 1,2; Class Corresponding Secretary, 4; Yearbook 
Staff; Livingstone Staff, 1-2. 

174 South Spring Street 

Concord, North Carolina 

MARTIN, CYNTHIS MARIE, B.S., Mathematics; Mathematics Club, 
1,2; Natural Science Club, 1-3; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, 2,-4; 
"L" Club, 1-3; WAA, 3,4; Pre-Alumni Club, 3,4; Y W C A, 1-4; 
Cheering Squad, 1-4; Basketball Team, 1. 

Madison Post Office 

Madison, North Carolina 

MAYFIELD, JOHN EMORY, B.S., Biology; Student Council, 2; Nat- 
ural Science Club, 1-4; Y M C A, 1-3; Beta Kappa Chi, 3,4; Alpha 
Phi Alpha Fraternity, 2,3,4; Choral Union, 1-4; Concert Choir, 2,3, 
4; Football squad, 2,3,4. 

16 Arlington Avenue 

Thomasvllle, North Carolina 

McLAURIN, DELORES ALEASE, B.S., Business Education; Com- 
mercial Club, 1-4, Treasurer, 4, Reporter of Retailing Club, 4; Re- 
proter of Bookkeeping Club, 3; President of Foundations of Busi- 
ness Club, 3; President of Transcription Club, 4; Y W C A, 1; Pyra- 
mid Club, 2,3; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Chaplain, 4; NEA, 4. 

Route 2, Box 171 

Fayetteville, North Carolina 

McMillan, PEARUNE CYNTHIA, B.S., Business Education; Com- 
mercialClub, 1-4; Sunday School Staff, Assistant Secretary; Y W C A, 
2-4; Goler Hall House Council, Treasurer, 3; NEA; Ivy Leaf Club, 2; 
U N C F, 4; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 3,4; Alpha's Sweetheart 
Attendant, 4; Choral Union, 1,2,3. 

125 Lemon Street 

Lumberton, North Carolina 

McNeil, nancy ANN, B.S., chemistry; Class Assistant Secretary, 
1-4; Secretary 2; Julia B.Duncan Players, 1-4; French and German 
Club 1,2; Y W C A, 1-3; Goler HaU House Council, 3; Sunday School 
Staff; WAA, 3,4; Natural Science Club, 3,4; NEA: Yearbook Staff ; 
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, 2-4; Senior Counselor. 

West Fourth Avenue 

Red Springs, North Carolina 

McPHAIL, ESTHER EVELYN, B.S., Business Education; Choral 
Union, 1-4; Concert Choir, 3,4; Y W C A, 1-4; Commercial Club, 
1-4; Secretary, Church School, 4; Prayer Meeting Council; NEA; 
Typist Livingstone Staff, 1-3; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 3,4. 

1316 Carolina Street 

Wilson, North Carolina 

MORELAND, MARY DEL GRATIA, B.S., Chemistry; Julia B. Dun- 
can Players; Y W C A; Goler Hall House Council; Student Council; 
Natural Science Club, Pre-Alumni Club; French and German Club. 

Post Office Box 881 

Rock Hill, North Carolina 


MOSES, HENRY ARCHIE, B.S., Chemistry; Student Council, 1-4, 
president, 4; Fellowship of Growing Teachers, 1-3; Treasurer of 
Church School, 2; Y M C A, 1-4, president, 2; Intramural Sports, 

1- 4; Class President, 2,3; North Carolina State Student Legislature, 
2,3,4; President of Pre-Alumni Club, 3; Beta Kappa Chi Scientific 
Honor Society, 3,4; Assistant to Chemistry Department, 3,4; Who's 
Who In American Universities and CoUeges, 3,4; Senior Counselor; 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, 2,3,4; College Scholarship award, 3,4. 

1007 North Brooks Street 
Gastonia, North Carolina 

McEACHIN, SHIRLEY LEE, B.A., Elementary Education; Y W C A, 
1,2; Sunday School Staff, 3; French Club, 1,2; National Education 
AssociationSecretary, 4; WAA, 3; Prayer Meeting Council, 3; Choral 
Union, 1-4; Commercial Club, 3; Ivy Leaf Club, 1,2; Alpha Kappa 
Alpha Sorority, 3,4. 

Post Office Box 842 

Maxton, North Carolina 

PARKER, THERESA, B.A., Elementary Education. 
422 Broad 

East Spencer, North Carolina 

PATTERSON, ELFREDA LENORA, B.S., Business Education; Com- 
mercial Club 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2, Vice President, Y W C A 1; 
WAA 1/2; Choral Union 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; N E A; Senior 

Counselor 4; Ivy Leaf Club, 1, Corresponding Secretary; Alpha Kappa 
Alpha Sorority 2,3,4, Epistolius 3,4; Pan-Hellenic Council 3. 
Box 286 

Laurinburg, North Carolina 

RAMSEUR, CYPHESE JACQUELYN, B.S., Business Education; JuUa 
B. Duncan Players 1-4; Y W C A 1; Spanish Club 1-2; Pre-Alumni 
Club 4; N E A 4; Commercial Club 2-4; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 

2- 3; W A A 4; Senior Counselor. 

608 Taylor Street 

Rock Hill, South Carolina 

RICE, LOUISE, B.S., Business Education; YW C A 1-2; Goler Hall 
House Council, Secretary 4; Year book Staff 3,4; French Club 1,2; 
Choral Union 1,2,4; Lyceum Usher 4. Archonian Club, Secretary 1, 
President 2; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 3, Grammateus 4; Phi Beta 
Sigma Fraternity Sweetheart, 1958-59; Commercial Club 1,2,3,4. 

606 Kahler Street 

Thomasville, North Carolina 

ROBINSON, ROSETA, B.S., Business Education; MissUNCF 4; Com- 
mercial Club 1-4; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 3-4. 

P. O. Box 251 

Spencer, North Carolina 

ROSE, WINFORD LYSANDER, A.B. English, Assistant in English 
Department 2,3,4; English Club President, 4; Julia B. Duncan Play- 
ers, 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Dodge HaU House Council 1; Y M C A 
1,2,3,4; Livingstone Staff 1,2; Lyceum Usher 1,2; Student Representa- 
tive to Evaluation Committee 4; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity-Business 
Manager, Pan-Hellenic Council 3,4; Senior Counselor. 

Post Office Box 121 

Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina 

SANDERS, HATTIE LOUISE, B.S. Business Education; Y W C A 1; 
JuUa B. Duncan Players 2,3,4; French and German Club 2; Choral 
Union 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 3; V.C.E. 2,3,4; Pyramid Club 2,3; 
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 4; Commercial Club 2,3,4. 

Route 1, Box 237 

Cheraw, Sovrth Carolina 

SHECK, JAMES EDWARD, B.A., Sociology. 
1016 Short Street 
Salisbury, North Carolina 

SHIPMAN, WENDELL, B.S., Biology; Natural Science Club 1-4; 
Year book Staff; Y M C A 1-4; Pre-Alumni Club 3; Alpha Phi Alpha 
Fraternity (chaplain) 4; NEA 4. 

Post Office Box 32 

Clarkton, North Carolina 

SMOOT, BETTY YVONNE SAWYER, B.S., Business Education; Com- 
mercial Club, 1-4; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, 3,4, Archonian Club. 

618 West Horah Street 

Salisbury, North Carolina 

STEWARD, HERBERT LEE, B.A., Sociology; JuUa B. Duncan Play- 
ers, 1-2;YMCA, 1-3; Harris Hall House Council, 2; Football Team, 
3; "L" Club; Sphinx Club. 

910 North Lloyd Street 

Suffolk, Virginia 

STEWART, JAMES W., B.A., Sociology, Class Treasurer 1, Vice 
President 4; Dramatics 1; Prayer Meeting Council 1-4; Church School 
Staff; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity; Pre-Alumni Club. 

118 West Virgil Street 

Whiteville, North Carolina 

STONER, AVERY CROMWELL, B.S., Business Education; Com- 
mercial Club 1-4. 

406 Davison Avenue 

East Spencer, North Carolina 

TEAL, BARBARA LOUISE, B.A., Elementary Education; French 
Club 1-3; Y W C A, 1-2; WAA 3-4; NEA 4; JuUa B.Duncan Players, 

2- 3. 

1001 South Parker Street 

Monroe, North CaroUna 
THARRINGTON, GEORGE, JR., B.S., Biology; Senior Class Presi- 
dent; Pan-HellenicCouncil;StudentCouncilRepresentative; Y M C A 

3- 4; Natural Science; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. 

410 College Street 
Henderson, North CaroUna 

THOMAS, CAROLYNE PATRICIA, B.A., Music; College Choral 
Union, 1-4; MENC, 3-4; String Ensemble, 3-4; Cheerleader, 1-4; 
Varsity "L" Club 2-4; Y W C A, 1; Spanish Club, 1-4; Ivy Leaf Club, 
4; NEA, 4; Pre-Alumni Club, 3-4; Attendant to "Miss UNCF 2,3. 
Church School Staff, 1-4; WAA, 3-4. 

726 Elmwood Street 

Montgomery, Alabama 

WATKINS, IRENE DELORIS, B.A., Sociology; Social Science Club 
3-4; Pre-Alumni; Commercial Club 1-2; Y W C A; 1-4. 
Cooleemee, North Carolina 

WATSON, BERNICE, B.A., Elementary Education; YWCA 1-3; 
Livingstone Staff; Prayer Meeting Council 1-2; WAA 4; French and 
GermanClub 1-2; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 3,4; NEA 3-4; Pre-Alumni 
Club 3-4; Assistant Sunday School Teacher. 

General DeUvery 

Marven, North CaroUna 

WITHERS, CELESTE W., B.S., Sociology; Choral Union 1-4; Concert 
Choir 3-4; Ivy Leaf Club 1-3; Spanish Club 1-2; YWCA; Prayer 
Meeting Council 2-4. 

Post Office Box 745 

Davidson, North CaroUna 




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